Przekładki ABCDE

A B C D E Dividers

* Dividers made of white cardboard with basis weight of 170g/m2
* Divider dimensions: 221x300mm
* Dividers have two slots for
clip-in folder or ring mechanism
* The table in the divider allows the description of 62 documents
* Divider A – Documents related to the employee job application process
* Divider B – Documents related to the establishment of the employment
relationship and employment history
* Divider C – Documents related to employment termination
* Divider D – Documents related to employee accountability for order maintenance and accountability defined
in separate regulations
* Divider E – Documents related to employee sobriety checks and drug screening

Divider A – 822021; Divider B – 822022; Divider C – 822023;
Divider D – 822024; Divider E – 822025

Product card
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