Teczki wiązane - grube

ISO 9706 Archival folder with tie closure

The folder is made from the highest quality cellulose cardboard that fulfils the ISO 9706 standard.

It fulfils the following parameters:

  • pH >7.5
  • alkaline reserve >0.4 mol/kg
  • Kappa number <5
  • 100% cellulose
  • ISO 9706 certification
  • cotton ribbon made from high quality unbleached calico

Supplied with cotton ribbons adapted in length to the width of the back.

It has three internal flaps to prevent documents from falling out.

A4 size available in two weights 240g and 300g and two sizes:

  • 320 x 250 x 35
  • 320 x 250 x 50

The product fulfils the requirements specified in the Regulation of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of 20.10.2015.

25 pieces in package.

ECO ISO-9706 Pordukt polski